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As a top medical malpractice attorney, The Simmons Law Group is ready to fight your civil cases on your behalf. No one wants to experience medical malpractice, because that means that you, or a loved one, have suffered greatly at the hands of those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath to protect the health and wellbeing of their patient. The Hippocratic Oath, an affirmation all doctors must take, states: “I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required…” Sometimes, though, a physician fails at their necessary duty and we, or a loved one, are left off worse than when we/they arrived sometimes due to negligence.


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That’s why The Simmons Law Group is here to help. Our civil cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not have to pay anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about what we can help you with.

Continue reading to learn more about how we can build your medical malpractice case.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Central Florida

Medical malpractice is professional negligence. It’s where the care that’s provided does not match the accepted standards of medical practice. That means that medical malpractice is when the care that is provided (or not provided) puts the patient at risk of injury. In general, if a healthcare professional fails to act accordingly where other healthcare professionals with similar training would have, the medical professional in question may be liable for any resulting injuries or damages, i.e., medical malpractice.

After reading the above, if you do think you have a medical malpractice case, the first thing we must do is determine if someone was negligent and whether that action or inaction caused a client’s injuries.

At The Simmons Law Group, we do just that for our client. We evaluate your medical history and current medical course to determine the value of your injury claim. This process requires evaluation of similar types of claims and legal results, and then we pursue a recovery based on that evaluation whether it be in court or resolved outside of court. Since it is a very fact-intensive process, the most successful medical malpractice attorneys are those who invest time in evaluating all potential arguments.

Common Examples of Medical Malpractice:

⦁ Failure to diagnose

⦁ Misdiagnosis

⦁ Unnecessary surgery

⦁ Surgical errors

⦁ Improper medication dosage

⦁ Poor follow-up

⦁ Disregarding relevant patient history

⦁ And more

As experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Florida, The Simmons Law Group can counsel you on:

⦁ Brain and Spine Injuries

⦁ Orthopedic Injuries

⦁ Wrongful Death

⦁ And more

Brain and Spine Injuries

Brain Injuries

In the United States, TBI or traumatic brain injury is an unknown public health issue. Because of its frequency and its lack of awareness among the general population, it is considered a “silent epidemic.” Each year roughly 1.7 million people sustain a TBI, often leading to hospitalization and sometimes, even death. Falls are the leading cause of most TBIs, but motor vehicle-traffic injuries are the leading cause of TBI-related deaths.

If you or a loved one have suffered because of a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of others, it’s time to find a brain injury lawyer who can help you traverse the weeds of this silent epidemic.

Spinal Injuries

The spine is an important facet of your muscular and skeletal system. Though it is robust and strong, comprised of bone, nerves, and tissues, like other parts of the body, it is still susceptible to injury.

The spine is comprised of three major parts

⦁ The vertebrae
⦁ Nerves
⦁ Discs, or soft tissue

Though traumatic spinal cord injuries are rare, fewer than 200,000 people per year have one, they still occur. Spinal cord injuries often cause permanent loss to strength, mobility, and function. The bulk of spinal injuries result in disc injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered because of a traumatic spinal injury due to negligence, please get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’re ready to fight for you!

Orthopedic Injuries

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. Broken bones, joint injury, and loss of mobility are common signs that you’ve suffered from an orthopedic injury. Due to an injury, you may be unable to return to work and are not able to perform your daily tasks.

People who suffer orthopedic injuries may be entitled to compensation for their injuries from those who are responsible. If you or a loved one have suffered because of an orthopedic injury due to negligence, it’s time to find an orthopedic injury lawyer. The Simmons Law Group has the expertise needed to help you recover.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially after what you suspect is a wrongful death due to negligence. Because of the loss of a loved one, families may face significant financial challenges. The compensation provided by a wrongful death lawsuit can help ease such challenges.

While it may not be a priority of those who lost a loved one to seek legal action, it is important for those whose loved ones have passed to find a lawyer as soon as they can if they are considering legal action due to negligence.

If someone you love has died of wrongful death due to the negligence of others, it’s time to reach out to a wrongful death attorney who can help you find peace in this time of trouble, and make those parties responsible pay.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: The Simmons Law Group

As a top medical malpractice attorney, The Simmons Law Group has been fighting Goliaths such as medical insurance companies, corporations, and government agencies and winning cases for clients for years. Attorney James Simmons is a fighter in law and in life. In fact, he applies the same methodology from his training in Jiu-Jitsu to his law practice. To Attorney Simmons, size doesn’t matter, because, with effective training and expertise, any opponent will submit, whether they’re a large medical insurance provider or a corporation. At The Simmons Law Group, we have the training and expertise to fight for your case.

Before opening The Simmons Law Group, Attorney James Simmons represented those seeking justice in three of the country’s largest law firms. While doing so, Attorney Simmons gained invaluable experience. It was this experience that helped him build his own law firm. With large firm experience and small firm customer service, The Simmons Law Group will fight for you.

If you have recently been injured as the result of medical malpractice, The Simmons Law Group can help you seek justice.

We can also help with the following cases:

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At The Simmons Law Group, we offer expert legal representation across a broad spectrum of locations to ensure you have access to top-notch legal support wherever you are. Our commitment to justice knows no bounds, reaching various communities with tailored advice and robust advocacy. Here are the areas we proudly serve:

No matter where you find yourself within these areas, The Simmons Law Group is your steadfast ally, ready to champion your cause with integrity, excellence, and unparalleled legal expertise. Reach out today for the support and representation you deserve.

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As a top medical malpractice attorney, we provide expert legal representation for our clients. When you need help, remember the name: James Simmons, your LEGAL CHAMPION!

We are ready to fight for YOU! Contact us today if you’re ready to have us fight the good fight on your behalf at (407) 454-3000.

Medical Malpractice FAQ

What is considered medical malpractice and do I have a case for medical malpractice?

As we’ve stated previously, medical malpractice is when the care that’s provided to you by a physician does not match the accepted standards of medical practice. If a healthcare professional fails to act where others would have, the medical professional may be liable for any resulting injuries. Therefore, if you have a case where you feel you have not been supplied the right medical treatment and have suffered for it, then you may have a case.

What are the four elements of medical malpractice?

Like with other cases that are based on personal injury, there are four primary medical malpractice elements to a claim: 

Duty of care: physician’s need to adhere to standards of care

Breach: this is a breach of the duty of care

Causation: the patient has to prove that injuries are due to the ascribed negligence

Harm: the patient must show that the physician caused harm

How hard is it to prove medical malpractice?

Medical Malpractice can be hard to prove, but with diligence, hard work, and staying vigilant, medical malpractice suits can be won. Though proving causation is sometimes the hardest element to prove, it can be done.

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