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As a top car accident attorney, The Simmons Law Group is ready to fight your case on your behalf. We offer the services you need to help you with your automotive personal injury claims. Our civil cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. What does this mean? It means you do not have to pay anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf. That’s right. You do not have to pay anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about what we can help you with.

Continue reading to learn more about our car accident attorneys and how we can build your automotive personal injury case.

Florida car accident law

In Florida, driving is part of our daily life, whether it’s to or from work, we drive nearly every day. Without reliable public transit, this is the only option to commute. Unfortunately, accidents happen and you may find your car, and yourself, injured on account of someone else’s negligence. That’s when you should consider a law firm with the experience and dedication needed to help you resolve conflicts that arise from a violent automobile accident.

Because of the State of Florida’s no-fault policy, a victim of an automobile accident is required to seek a payout from their insurer and not from the negligent driver. However, you may be able to sue for injuries related to the accident depending on certain circumstances. Florida’s statute recognizes four types of injuries that qualify for seeking a personal injury claim after a car accident:

⦁ Death

⦁ Significant disfigurement

In these conditions, you may be able to seek a personal injury claim, but you will need the help of a skilled lawyer to build the case needed to prove negligence. That’s where Simmons Law Group can help.

The Simmons Law Group are dedicated Florida car accident lawyers ready to help you fight the good fight to seek out justice and get the claim you need to continue your pre-accident life. We handle a number of typical automotive and vehicular cases such as:

⦁ Pedestrian accidents

⦁ Motorcycle accidents

⦁ Semi-Truck accidents

⦁ SUV accidents

⦁ DUI accidents

⦁ And more

Pedestrian accidents

all traffic fatalities that same year. Even if you survived an accident, you may have serious medical bills piling up or are unable to work. In these devastating situations, it’s time to find a pedestrian accident attorney that can assist you in fighting the case to get you the monetary aid you need to help pick yourself up after such a tragic incident.

As pedestrian accidents attorneys, The Simmons Law Group is dedicated to making sure that the party harmed in the accident is protected, and has the counsel that can best assist them in their case.

Motorcycle accidents

If you’re a motorcyclist, you already are aware of how easy it is for an incident to occur. In 2013 alone, there were approximately 88,000 motorcyclist-related injuries due to an accident. All it takes is one negligent driver not checking their mirror and you’re another statistic.

If you do end up in a motorcycle accident at no-fault-of-your-own, it’s time to contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can help. Here at The Simmons Law Group, you will never be just another statistic to us.

Semi-Truck accidents

Accidents that involve semi-trucks or tractor-trailers can result often in severe property damage and injuries. When it comes to accidents like these, many parties can easily get involved and make the process of seeking a personal injury claim more difficult. Often, police, insurance providers, claim holders, and others can make a complicated situation even more difficult to traverse.

That’s why it’s so important to speak to a semi-truck accident lawyer to ensure that you know the next steps in seeking your claim. There’s no need to go through this situation alone. At The Simmons Law Group, we are here to fight for you.

Acidentes com SUV

With high ratings from manufacturers and third-parties when it comes to safety features, SUVs are generally regarded as fairly safe. However, incidences such as rollovers are not unheard of and can be due to several circumstances such as neglectful design. If you happened to be in an accident where your SUV rolled-over, you may be able to seek justice—action may be brought against the manufacturer. Rolled-over accidents can cause severe injuries, trauma, or even death.

In order to build a case, you have to prove negligence to be successful in a defective product action. It’s important to speak to a SUV accident lawyer to ensure that you know the next steps in building a solid case.

DUI Accidents

DUI accidents can usually be ascribed to negligence and can be extremely traumatic for all parties involved. If an accident is caused due to a driver being under the influence, that driver may be said to have likely engaged in negligent conduct. Due to this negligence, there may be further damages that may be able to be recovered on behalf of the person or persons injured.

It is necessary to confer with a DUI accident attorney experienced in fighting such cases; at The Simmons Law Group, we will fight for you.

Car Accident Attorney

Before opening The Simmons Law Group, Attorney James Simmons represented those seeking justice in three of the Country’s largest law firms. While doing so, Attorney Simmons gained invaluable experience, strategy, and skills. It was these skills that helped him shape his own law firm, and propel it forward to help fight for justice. For The Simmons Law Group, client satisfaction and stellar service are the primary goals to start successfully handling a case.

If you have recently been injured as the result of someone’s negligence, or have recently been involved in a car accident, The Simmons Law Group can help you build, and fight your case to seek justice. We can help with the following cases:

As a leading car accident attorney, we provide expert legal representation for our clients to help them find the justice they are looking for. When you need help, remember the name: James Simmons, your LEGAL CHAMPION! Contact us today if you’re ready to have us fight the good fight on your behalf at (407) 454-3000.

Florida Car Accident Law FAQ

Can someone sue you for a car accident in Florida?

Since Florida is a no-fault state, most of the time you will go through your insurance provider. However, if you are in an accident that hits certain criteria, then you may be able to sue the driver. It’s important to note that Florida does have a four-year statute of limitations for personal injury claim lawsuits for car accidents, so now’s the time to find a lawyer.

What does it mean for Florida to be a no-fault state?

In order to stop frivolous lawsuits, Florida adopted a no-fault policy that requires car accident victims to get a payout from their own insurer, no matter who was at fault.

However, you may be able to sue for injuries related to the accident. Florida’s statute recognizes four types of injuries that qualify:

Significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function.
Permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability, other than scarring or disfigurement.

Significant and permanent scarring or disfigurement.

In these circumstances, you can sue the driver at fault for the accident and obtain compensation.

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