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Top Lawyers for Personal Injury Seminars and Speaking Engagements

The Simmons Law Group offers personal injury seminars and speaking engagements to discuss legal liability, like slip & fall, safety, security, and more. Our seminars are designed to help business owners, churches, and individuals ensure they can prevent their patrons from getting hurt on their property.

At The Simmons Law Group, we offer multiple personal injury seminars and speaking engagements including:

Nursing Home Seminars
Negligent Security Seminars
And more

As the top seminar speaker lawyers, our seminars are designed to help businesses traverse the obstacle-rich landscape of negligence law to help their business’s property become compliant and help prevent accidents from occurring on their property.

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Attorneys for Nursing Home Seminars and Speaking Engagements

With our nursing home personal injury seminars and speaking engagements, you can learn how to protect your most valuable resources, your patients, from negligence and elder neglect. In this seminar, find out how you can identify and stop nursing home negligence or abuse from skilled professionals who try to protect the rights of the elderly every day. You can book a free nursing home negligence/abuse seminar today.

Become a champion for your loved ones!

Attorneys Negligent Security Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Is your business legally prepared for a negligent security claim? Plan ahead for the aftermath of a security breach. In this seminar, Attorney James Simmons will discuss how you can help keep your business safe, secure and up-to-standards.

You can book your free negligent security seminar today!

Why Book Our Security Seminars & Speaking Engagements?

As accomplished personal injury lawyers, we attempt to make sure that as a business owner, you are aware of the best practices to ensure that your property is up to standards to prevent you from having to be legally liable to anyone who may happen to hurt themselves on your premises. Our goal is to be a specialist for you to help you keep your premises safe so no one gets harmed or hurt.

Our expert team of negligent security lawyers have years of dedicated experience handling cases so we know exactly how to ensure that your business, whether it’s a church or a nursing home, is safe. We can guide you through the process to prevent a negligent security claim.

What is a negligent security claim? A negligent security claim is a liability claim where a person is injured on a person or business’ property.

The best part about our personal injury seminars and speaking engagements is that they are free of charge. So what are you waiting for?

Large Firm Experience, Small Firm Customer Service

Attorney James Simmons worked for three of the country’s largest personal injuries law firms before he decided to use what he learned to build his own personal injury law firm in Orlando, Florida, The Simmons Law Group. Mr. Simmons believes that he is not just an Officer of the Court but that a Great Attorney must also fulfill his role as Counselor. At The Simmons Law Group, client service and satisfaction are the first goals to achieve in any case.

We help with the following cases:

⦁ Automotive & Vehicular

⦁ Medical Malpractice

⦁ Slip & Fall Accidents

⦁ Nursing Home Abuse & Elder Neglect

⦁ Negligent Security

⦁ Church Safety and Liability

As a top personal injury attorney, we provide expert legal representation for our clients. Contact us today if you’re ready to have us fight the good fight on your behalf at (407) 454-3000.


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