Homeowners Insurance Claims

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Navigating the homeowners’ insurance claims process can seem like an endless challenge. At The Simmons Law Group, our attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance claims and various other legal matters.

When you file a claim, it helps to have a legal representative on your side. Whether you are dealing with homeowners’ roofing claims, water damage claims, or fire claims, our lawyers can help you fight for your compensation from the insurance company.

Homeowners’ Roofing Claims

The roof is a critical part of your home. When it’s leaking or damaged, it is essential to schedule a repair as soon as possible to minimize damage and protect your home. Receiving an estimate for a roof repair or replacement cost is one of the first steps when filing a home insurance claim.

Generally, most homeowners insurance policies will cover various types of roof damage:

⦁ Hail damage

⦁ Hurricane damage

⦁ Lightning and fire damage

⦁ Severe windstorm damage

When looking to file homeowners’ roofing claims, check with your insurance representative or refer to your policy to see which types of damage your insurance provider will cover. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of temporary repairs and replacement; however, different policies will provide varying amounts of coverage.

Before filing homeowners’ roofing claims, reach out to The Simmons Law Group for help with navigating the claims process.

Homeowners’ Water Damage Claims

Thanks to Florida’s humid and rainy weather, water damage is one of the most common homeowners insurance claims in the state. Addressing water damage in your home as soon as possible is critical. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost of repairs; however, the water damage claims process isn’t always as straightforward as we would like.

When filing homeowners’ water damage claims, it is helpful to know which circumstances may cause the insurance provider to deny your claim, such as:

⦁ Water damage caused by an ongoing leak

⦁ Lack of proper maintenance

⦁ Improper construction

⦁ Lack of sprinkler system or drain

Homeowners’ Fire Claims

Housefires are devastating and can cause more than damage to your home. Unfortunately, many house fires force families to relocate while waiting for repairs.

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover the costs of repairs and additional living expenses that result from the fire. However, many insurance companies can extend the fire claims process, making it more difficult for homeowners to receive compensation.

The first step to take after a house fire is to ensure that everyone is safe. After calling for the necessary emergency services, it’s time to call the repair company and The Simmons Law Group. We’ll help you with every step of the fire claims process and fight for your compensation from the insurance company.

Legal Assistance for Homeowners Insurance Claims

From gathering the necessary paperwork to dealing with the insurance adjuster, The Simmons Law Group is here to help you navigate the complicated homeowner’s insurance claims process.

We understand the complexities of Florida’s legal system and insurance claims process. Call The Simmons Law Group at (407) 454-3000 to schedule a consultation in Winter Park, FL.

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