Best Car Accident Attorneys in Maitland, FL

At Simmons Law Group, we are the top-rated car accident attorneys in Maitland, FL, that you can trust for car accident needs. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing diligent car accident representation for those affected by car accidents in Maitland, FL.

Why Choose Simmons Law Group for Your Car Accident Case

Our Maitland car accident lawyer team is known for their extensive skills as an experienced car accident attorney serving Central Florida areas. As the best personal injury attorneys in the Maitland area, we ensure our clients pay only when we win their car accident cases.

Top auto accident lawyer near Maitland FL

Meet James Simmons: A Champion for Justice

James Simmons, inspired by his own challenging recovery from a motorcycle accident, transitioned from understanding insurance and corporate defense to passionately advocating for the injured. Now, he combines personal experience and professional expertise to secure justice for his clients.

The Advantage of Car Accident Attorneys in Maitland

Expert Local Knowledge: Choosing a car accident attorney at Simmons Law Group means opting for a team that understands Florida car accident issues and personal injury claims. Our auto accident lawyers are committed to ensuring every auto accident victim in Maitland receives justice.

Comprehensive Case Handling: From personal injury claims to wrongful death claims, we offer full legal support, managing everything from insurance company negotiations to settlement negotiations.

Florida’s Car Accident Laws

Our Maitland auto accident lawyers are experts in car accident cases and navigating Florida’s no-fault insurance state laws. Whether dealing with serious injuries or wrongful death claims, our personal injury accident lawyers guide you through the legal process.

Auto Accident lawyers in Maitland FL

Legal Support for Various Accident Types

Simmons Law Group handles personal injury cases for a range of accident types, including motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and more. Our personal injury lawyers offer tailored legal strategies for personal injury cases and traffic accidents in Maitland, Florida.

Success Claims

Our personal injury law firm prides itself on numerous successful outcomes. These stories here showcase why we’re considered the best personal injury lawyer attorneys in Maitland.

Free Initial Consultation Offer

Looking for a personal injury attorney near you? Simmons Law Group offers a free consultation to evaluate your case and discuss your legal options.

Your Personal Injury Attorneys are Ready to Fight for You

Our legal team is ready to take legal action against negligent drivers and insurance companies. Whether it’s property damage, personal injury claims, medical attention needs, fair settlement, or emotional trauma, we’re here to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Top auto Accident Lawyers in Maitland, FL

For the best car accident attorneys in Maitland, FL, contact Simmons Law Group at (407) 454-3000. Our personal injury attorneys are experts in practicing law in Maitland, Florida, and surrounding areas. We’re more than just a law firm; we’re your partners in seeking justice.

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