What Is Elder Abuse and Why Is It Underreported?

por | Ago 1, 2022 | Simmons Law Group

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Not everyone knows that elder abuse is disturbingly common because it often goes underreported. Here’s a look at what elder abuse is and its effect. If you suspect elder abuse, The Simmons Law Group, a reliable personal injury law firm in Orlando, is here to help.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is the deliberate act of causing harm to a person age 60+ or neglecting their basic needs like food, medical care, and shelter. A caregiver, spouse, or family member may be an abuser, but a stranger can also cause harm. Elders are more vulnerable to abuse because they often depend on others to fulfill their basic needs.

What is elder abuse? Every state has its variations of terms and specifications, but there are a few main types, such as:

  • Financial Exploitation – The abuser steals or controls an elder’s money inappropriately/illegally. They often use the money for their benefits instead of the elder’s.
  • Neglect – Failing to provide adequate food, shelter, or health care.
  • Physical Abuse – Deliberately using physical force to harm another person. An elder can experience injury, illness, or even death due to physical harm.
  • Emotional or Psychological Abuse – Causing an elder fear, distress, or pain through humiliation, isolation, threats, or disrespect.
  • Sexual Abuse – Performing or forcing non-consensual sexual actions upon an elder.

How Much of a Problem is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is a serious issue throughout the United States, with many cases reported annually. Emergency departments take on as many cases as possible, but unfortunately, many others go unreported, often because the elder is afraid to or cannot come forward about their experiences.

While men often face a slightly greater chance of elder abuse, it can happen to anyone. Knowing the warning signs of abuse is vital, as is taking steps to get an elderly person out of an abusive situation whenever and wherever possible. If you see something, say something quickly.

Consequences of Elder Abuse

An abused elder becomes more fearful and distrusting of others, especially those they should trust. They may have physical injuries like burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises, welts, scars, head trauma, or frequent pain. These can lead to permanent health problems, life-changing disabilities, and even premature death.

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