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Are you looking to enhance your mind and body with a new fitness regime? Have you considered taking classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? More than self-defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can also function as a great fitness program that can help you work on physical qualities like strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance. New in the Winter Park area, Elementum Jiu Jitsu provides various classes for both children and adults. They are also offering a “First 30” discount, an exclusive lifetime membership of $99.00 per month for the first 30 people to join.

Natural Functional Training

Get your body moving with this complete bodyweight training program! Utilizing the natural physicality to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Elementum’s fitness program will have you working on various physical aspects. Develop your body strength and stamina by building muscle tone. Enhance your stability by working your body flexibility and core balance. This class will dedicate time for each aspect of your physical body and health.

“Natural Function training is a combination  of cardio and strength training. This class primarily uses body weight exercise combinations that target the body as a whole. I have developed increased strength, coordination, and flexibility as a result of this class. I highly recommend it to all fitness levels.”

-Angela Gustafson, 33 years old

The Benefits

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu not only educates you on self-defense but the added benefits of the work out can greatly improve the quality of your life. With more stamina and a harder workout comes more energy. More energy makes every day happier, healthier, and easier. Then there’s the social aspect of the classes. Having regular sessions means building a network with your instructor as well as other participants. Check out this testimonial on the workout:

Book a Trial Class Today

Local Business Highlight 2Are you ready to test your mettle and join a class at Elementum Jiu Jitsu? Book a Trial Class to test out the waters. Experience the physical benefits of Natural Functional training first hand and see the effects for yourself. If you’re interested, then be sure to act fast and take advantage of the First 30 discount. We are located in beautiful Winter Park, FL.

Jiu Jitsu Made Me Into the Lawyer I Am Today!

Jiu Jitsu has trained me into the lawyer and fighter I am today! With hard work, a persistent mindset, and determination, Jiu Jitsu formed me into a legal champion. Let me showcase the skills I utilize on the mat for you in the courtroom! Go with a real winner — a champion. Let me be your legal champion! Contact me today! I cannot wait to help protect and fight for your rights!

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