Personal Injury Facts and Myths: What You Should Not Believe

What should you do if you’ve suffered an injury from an accident? Regardless of how it occurred, researching the next steps in a personal injury lawsuit may lead to incorrect or uneducated answers. As the premier personal injury law firm in Orlando, we understand how crucial it is to address personal injury facts and myths when considering legal action.

Myth: You Can’t File a Personal Injury Claim Over Minor Injuries

Even if you suffered only bumps and bruises, any injury resulting in medical care applies to a personal injury claim. You’re entitled to compensation for medical expenses no matter how minor they may seem, and while insurance companies help settle the bill, they may not cover the total cost. An experienced personal injury attorney will see that you receive fair compensation for your medical expenses.

Myth: A Personal Injury Lawsuit Takes a Long Time To Settle

The parties involved in a personal injury claim want a resolution as quickly as possible. Some cases can take longer than expected, but your attorney will know the appropriate steps to speed up the process if the case gets stalled. In most cases, an experienced attorney knows how to get you compensated for your injuries without months of drawn-out court battles.

Myth: The Case Will Financially Ruin the At-fault Party

Are you putting off an accidental injury or medical malpractice claim because you don’t want the other person involved to have to pay you out of pocket? The other party’s insurance typically pays off personal injury claim settlements. While they may face higher insurance premiums, you won’t be reaching into the at-fault party’s wallet for compensation.

Myth: Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Makes Me Look Like a Greedy Person

We’ve all heard horror stories about people suing other people or businesses over supposedly frivolous issues. Frivolous lawsuits are the bane of personal injury facts. That doesn’t mean you have a frivolous case. Even in the case of a defective product causing an accidental injury, the party that made the accident possible in the first place is at fault, and you are entitled to file a personal injury claim to help you cover your expenses for medical treatment.

Myth: You Can Wait as Long as You Want Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The best way to hurt your personal injury case is to wait too long before filing. Ensuring that your personal injury attorney has the relevant case information as soon as possible makes it easier for your legal team to obtain necessary documents and statements before accessing them requires extra steps. Your attorney can resolve your case more quickly, and you won’t have to worry about the statute of limitations your state requires for personal injury lawsuits.

The Simmons Law Group Is Orlando’s Choice for Personal Injury Claims

Trust the attorneys who know the elements that make a good personal injury case. If you need to file a personal injury lawsuit or want to learn more about personal injury facts before filing a claim, contact James Simmons, your LEGAL CHAMPION, at (407) 454-3000.

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