Personal Injury Lawyer Sanford

Personal Injury Lawyer Sanford

You may experience an injury because of another person's negligence or an intentional act of harm. Negligence occurs when a person acts in a careless manner and causes injury to someone else. Intentional acts refer to assault, battery cases, or being falsely imprisoned. You can get compensation when you file a valid claim with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Sanford. At The Simmons Law Group, our aggressive, knowledgeable, and an experienced attorney will assess your case and help you get the maximum compensation. We offer the best services where we provide contingency-based legal representation.

Contingency Based Legal Representation

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Contingency Fee

Our Sanford personal injury law firm offers contingency-based legal representation that allows lawyers to be paid a percentage of the damages awarded when we win for you. The agreement suspends hourly rate payments for the case. Once the claim is settled, and you are awarded the compensation, our attorneys are paid an agreed percentage of that amount. 

Importance of Contingency Based Legal Representation

A contingency fee agreement is useful when you want to pursue a personal injury claim, and you are low on funds. Some claims are also very complicated and quite costly, and our contingency agreement helps you with this. Our personal injury lawyers in Sanford can use this agreement for the following cases:

  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Professional malpractices
  • Wage disputes and employment discrimination cases 

Our accident lawyers in Sanford offer the best advice when it comes to creating this agreement. A contingency fee agreement comes with many benefits, including:  

  • No need for upfront payments: With this agreement, you’re not required to make any payments to our lawyers. This eases your burden and enables you to pursue your case actively, without financial strain. A contingency fee agreement helps you access legal aid even when you don’t have the financial resources to do so. 
  • Dedicated and aggressive attorneys on your side: If you are looking for the ‘best personal injury lawyers near me,’ you can reach out to us as we’re committed to fighting for you. When you sign the agreement with us, you can rest assured that our aggressive attorneys will not relent until they get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Cost for losses: You are exempted from paying hefty lawyer fees if we do not win for you. However, some administrative charges may still apply. 

Even in cases where negligence leads to loss of life for a loved one, you can talk to our wrongful death lawyer for legal assistance. The percentage of compensation agreed upon will depend on the amount of time required to prepare for the case, our attorney fees, the amount you are seeking in damages, and our lawyers' experience.

We’re Here for You

At The Simmons Law Group, our contingency fee agreement allows you to focus on your personal injury claim without worrying about a mounting legal bill. The success of the case depends on having a highly-skilled personal injury lawyer in Sanford. Contact us today on (407) 454-3000 for a free consultation. Our experienced personal injury lawyer will help you prepare a winning case. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Sanford
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