Personal Injury Attorney Clermont

Personal Injury Attorney Clermont

What are some of the services our licensed personal injury attorney in Clermont at Simmons Law Group offers? Before establishing a private practice, our attorney in chief, James Simmons was an associate of three industry-leading firms. Find out how he is leveraging his time-tested expertise, experience, skills, and knowledge to help his clients win today.

Compassionate personal injury service

With all you have been through, you need an attorney who is caring, understanding, compassionate, and efficient. What you need now is a Clermont personal injury law firm that prioritizes your interests above all else. Our client-centric law office has a reputation for its demonstration of customer satisfaction, compassion, resourcefulness, precision, and efficiency.

Our team cares about your well-being and will do the impossible to ease your distress. Where appropriate, we can arrange counseling therapy for you or your loved one. Plus, Mr. Simmons will support in whatever ways possible while you recuperate and reorganize your life.

Civil case expertise in personal injury law

Since experience plays an instrumental role in legal proceedings, you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. Over the years, our law office has built a reputation in the civil circuit representing the injured seeking personal injury justice.

With our attention to detail, practicality, and propensity for accuracy, our firm has defeated numerous influential brands. Some of the powerhouses our top-rated personal injury lawyers in Clermont secured victory against are fortune 500 giants and insurance companies.

Comprehensive personal injury attorney services

Does your case involve medical malpractice, automotive/vehicular accidents, work-related falls/slips, elder neglect/nursing home abuse, or negligent security? Our premier personal injury law firm specializes in all these areas.

Did the injured die on the spot or while undergoing treatment? Our knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer can assist with insurance claim filing for speedy processing. No matter what type of personal injury services you need, our team is equal to the task. What is more, our firm has access to unlimited resources and skilled professionals to prepare your case.

Personal injury education

Community activism is something our law office advocates for and remains passionate about spreading awareness about personal injury. Through our public speaking engagements, mentorship programs, and seminars, our accident lawyers in Clermont are achieving this goal.

Even if you are merely after free information, our prolific personal injury lawyer is an authority on all subject matters. Are you a Floridionian searching for best personal injury lawyers near me? Our sought-after personal injury litigator is ready to hear your case. What sets us apart from the competition? We put your interests first, even without the security of fees before service.

Do you have a business? Negligent security can cost someone’s life. For this reason, Simmons Law Group is hosting educational seminars to help you bulletproof your business. Our champion personal injury attorney in Clermont, James Simmons, also schedules free nursing home abuse/negligence seminars. Request yours via phone (407) 454 - 3000 or write to You can also initiate contact via our get-in-touch form.

Personal Injury Attorney Clermont
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