Marriage Counseling in Lake Mary, FL

The Marriage Healer: Marriage Counseling in Lake Mary

Dr. Angela Jones, the founder of The Marriage Healer, offers marriage counseling services in Lake Mary for couples who need a mediator to help them resolve issues productively and calmly. Founded and operated by Dr. Angela Jones, The Marriage Healer specializes in all phases of couple counseling and coaching services. 

Divorce Can Be Expensive 

How’s your sex life? Is it stale and almost non-existent? Financial stresses seem to hang over you and your partner? Hit a rough patch? Does the idea of “divorce” seem to be hanging over you? The word “divorce” is dancing at the tip of your tongue? You have finally started to think that there’s only 1 solution.

However, divorce is not always the solution. It should not be your first resort. If you and your partner want to find a solution, then you should seek marriage counseling in Lake Mary from The Marriage Healer.

Healing Begins With You 

No matter how hard you try, relationships can get stale. Marriages begin to deteriorate when taken for granted and with all the distractions of the world, this can easily happen to relationships. It could be that your relationship needs just a little revitalization. 

When your relationship is healthy, there is an increase in health across the board, even financial health. Research shows that married people tend to live longer and happier lives.

Marriage Coaching

With marriage counseling and coaching services in Lake Mary, you can rekindle your love and become the married couple you were—and even the couple you always wanted to be. With The Marriage Healer program and Dr. Angela Jones’s professional help, you can improve your marriage and find solutions to problems that you thought were unresolvable. Marriage is a partnership, and with Dr. Jones’s support and experience, you can achieve happiness again and repair your family. You will find all you need to become the better couple you always were. 

Dr. Jones can provide you with the skills needed to get the most out of your marriage. 

How Marriage Counseling Works

Learn how to say “I do,” not “I don’t”

Counseling services offered at The Marriage Healer will help you to do the following: 

  • Improve communication skills
  • Feel valued
  • Identify strengths as a married couple
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reveal stress areas
  • Enhance sexual desire
  • Set goals
  • Respect differences
  • Increase your finances

With Dr. Jones’s marriage coaching program in Lake Mary, you will be initially provided with an assessment that will help you identify the core strength and growth areas of your relationship.

After that (in a relaxed and pleasant setting) you will receive feedback based on your assessment’s results and what you share in the initial meeting. At The Marriage Healer, we believe that conversation is key to developing a better relationship, which is why we will talk to help work things out together.

Once areas of improvement are identified, a personalized treatment plan will be put together and agreed upon to begin the journey of healing your marriage.

About Dr. Angela Jones, The Marriage Healer

Dr. Angela Jones founded The Marriage Healer to help couples struggling in their marriages discover that they could find relief through counseling and coaching. 

As a professional, Dr. Jones is committed to providing quality services to help couples reach their goals. As an active listener and devoted engager, she will work with you and your spouse to help resolve the causes of your worries.

Dr. Jones’s goal is to provide you with the support and means you need to peacefully and happily navigate rekindling your marriage. Marriage is about teamwork and that’s what she will foster.

As your go-to marriage counseling service in Lake Mary Florida, The Marriage Healer offers a wide range of services dedicated to solving your marriage concerns.

Regardless of your concern, Dr. Angela Jones can help you resolve your marriage issues today. Schedule your appointment with your reputable marriage counseling service in Lake Mary, The Marriage Healer. Call our office at (407) 602-3377. You can also fill out our contact form here.