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The Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata is dedicated to helping get your voice heard at trial, reducing charges and even securing dismissals on a wide range of criminal matters. We work with clients in a way that your public defender simply does not have time to.

Why do I need a private attorney?

Public defenders are overworked. These state actors work incredibly hard but can have over 100 cases at a given time. Case backlogs are not going away despite the pandemic.

Your case becomes lost in a sea of others, harming your chances of receiving fair and thorough representation. Private attorneys take cases on a case-by-case basis, giving us the time to take on your case.

What types of services does the law office provide?

Our office mainly focuses on criminal matters but can serve as your personal injury lawyer as well.  We help with gambling debts, criminal defense, arraignment, felonies, and misdemeanors.

Get the help you deserve in an unbiased and dedicated lawyer. No one should be without adequate representation. Your time is valuable.

Recent successes

Our law offices continue to reduce charges and gain dismissals in 2020. We recently helped dismiss prostitution and violent crime charges.

As a leading DUI defense lawyer in Las Vegas, we helped one client reduce their charges to reckless driving. With victories in areas ranging from drug law to theft, we help many placed in desperate situations.

Who is Garrett T Ogata?

Garrett Ogata is an established Las Vegas lawyer, representing people in good and bad times. Since graduating from the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore, he served as a law clerk in Clark county and practiced law throughout the Southwest.

Ogata calls Las Vegas his home and claims dozens of victories spanning beyond the ten years since starting his own firm. He currently belongs to national organizations such as the National Criminal Defense College, American Trial Lawyers Association, National Traffic Safety Administration, and the NORML Legal Committee.

Are private attorneys expensive?

A private attorney is not as expensive as you think. We often take on cases based on the resources of our clients and aim to be unbiased.

The total cost is much lower than that of a felony conviction and jail time. Lost opportunity quickly takes a toll on those convicted of a crime.

Best lawyer in Las Vegas

With decades of experience, Las Vegas Attorney Garrett T. Ogata can help you through dedicated and proven legal work. His law office aims to achieve positive results for every client and is not bogged down by hundreds of cases.

Public defenders are overwhelmed, seeing dozens of cases or a two to five times larger caseload than the average private attorney. Get access to the resources you need, witnesses who can help, and remove yourself from a state system that can barely function with the use of our services.

When you find yourself in need of representation, contact the Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata. We are here to serve your best interest.


Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata

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