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Your favorite personal injury lawyer has  partnered up with Tampa Bay Security Allies, a company dedicated to protecting employees against workplace violence, teaching religious institutions safety and security, and providing services to local business owners so they protect their livelihood. This is great news for Orlando. The Simmons Law Group, PLLC and The Tampa Bay Security Allies have a common goal in ensuring that violence in the workplace comes to an end. The Simmons Law Group, PLLC and Tampa Bay Security Allies are dedicated to training and teaching the local community the necessary tools to protect themselves and their patrons against violent acts if and when they occur.

Meet James Simmons of The Simmons Law Group, PLLC

One of my primary practice and niche areas is Negligent Security. When it comes to my occupation, I am a fighter in law and in life. In fact, I apply the same methodology from my training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to my law practice. My mindset: size does not matter, because with effective preparation, strategy, skill, and tenacity, any opponent will submit with the right amount of technique and force.

Meet Jim Howard of Tampa Bay Security Allies

Jim Howard was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas area. At age 18, Jim, following his dream of becoming a police officer, joined the Air Force Reserves to be a part of their Security Forces. At 21, Jim then joined the Norfolk Police Department.

Over the next 26 years, Jim played several roles in the Norfolk Police Department, including Vice and Narcotics Investigator, Crisis Negotiation Trainer and Supervisor, General Instructor, Y2K compliant Project Manager, working his last two years as a Patrol Sergeant.

Jim retired in 2001 where he later spent time doing worldwide security operations analysis and executive protection at the World Bank in Washington DC. In late 2002 Jim brought his family to Florida where he spent the next four years working with a public safety software company which eventually led him back as a detective for the Belleair Police Department. Leaving Belleair in January 2017, Jim is currently serving as an auxiliary police officer with the Port Richey Police Department.  Jim is also currently an adjunct instructor for St. Pete College – instructing legal, crime scene to courtroom classes and lead firearms instructor. Jim started working with churches in 2006, educating them on how not to be a soft target and is now a safety consultant for Generations Christian Church in Trinity, Florida. Jim currently holds the position of the Executive Director of Trinity Security Allies working with churches across the United States in training them on how to protect their congregations.

Help Put An End To Violence In The Workplace!

We have partnered with Tampa Bay Security Allies  to provide «Negligent Security Consulting Services» to business owners, schools, office settings, and religious institutions (Churches, Synagogues, places of worship, etc.) to protect them and their patrons. We will be offering Membership packages for seminars, onsite security assessments, legal consultations, claims processing, etc. We will also be providing opportunities to purchase «Active Shooter Insurance,» which is now a coverage that Insurance Companies are selling due to the acts of violence that have been occurring over the last few years. The kicker is this, if you don’t have this line of coverage, your insurance policy may not protect your business if an act of violence occurs on your premises, leaving you totally exposed to claims. 

The ultimate goal that we aim towards is to educate, train, and empower individuals and their staff with common sense strategies to help protect themselves in case an unfortunate situation arises. 

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We are here to represent the workplace and ensure that all employees are protected, just as much as we are here to represent your case! The Simmons Law Group, PLLC, client service and satisfaction are the first goals to achieve in any case. I have large firm knowledge and experience and give you small firm attention to detail. LEARN FROM ME NOW OR RISK PAYING ME LATER!!! Call today to set up your free consultation. [company_phone].

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